October 6, 2014

Hello everyone!!

I can't believe that it's the end of the transfer already. I have been getting somewhat stressed out with the prospect of saying good bye to so many friends, and then meeting a giant army of new faces. However, I like how President Carlson put it: that "We are sad to see so many great missionaries returning home, however are excited to welcome new missionaries." That's exactly how I feel. It's going to be such an exciting transfer, but man, it sounds intense. However, I hope I can just help everyone to get as adjusted as they need to be.

One of my biggest take-aways from zone conference this past week was the thought that finding isn't an activity, it's a mindset. I loved that. I feel like I've taken on a more "finding mindset" ever since then. The Lord is definitely pouring his blessings down on us in that aspect. We have found some really solid investigators this week!

The first is R. She was Mane's (the Bishop's daughter's) childhood friend. She lived here in Vanadzor for two years about ten years ago. She just came back here from Russia this past week. Mane told her about the church when she came back, and asked her if she would like to come with her. She basically said, "Why not?" And so she came, and she loved it! She then came to the H's Family Home Evening, and then to the missionary fireside that we had on Wednesday. 

She has already jumped into everything! She is so excited. She came to the fireside on Wednesday, and it was such a huge impact! We watched, "For God so Loved the World" (we put music to it so that it would be Armenian-compatible) at one point of the fireside. She said later that she hadn't really believed in this type of stuff before, but when she watched the video, she realized that it really had happened. And now, with such strong faith, she believes it! She believes in Christ. :D

After the video, we gave out Book of Mormons to give to their friends to help them invite them to Christ. One of the Elders gave her a Russian Book of Mormon, and she was so excited. She didn't know that the Book of Mormon was in Russian. But anyways, she was feeling the spirit big time, and so Elder M told her to write what she was feeling in her Book of Mormon. 

She came up to me after we had closed, and she told me about what she was feeling and all that. Then she said that she was so excited to get started with reading the Book of Mormon, and that she wanted to get baptized!! And so we gave her a date for November 1st

So yeah, such an amazing find! 

And then, yesterday we went to go and visit her to have a lesson. Her grandma, who she's living with, was there. And man, if there could be someone who was the essence of love, it would probably be her. ;) She was fretting over us, and she kept on bringing out more and more food (despite that we were trying to get her to stop), she brought out jackets for A (our member who was there) and for R so that they wouldn't get cold. She even ran out to get more bread for us. (Armenians and their bread. ;) )

We were talking with her grandma, S, for a bit, and she also sounds like she is an elect.She is going to run with this gospel like nobody's business! So yeah, that was our amazing find!! So we will be starting to really teach both of them soon.

They are so wonderful! I feel like we have been so blessed to find them!! It is so great. That was the highlight of my week, for sure. I love them!

I love finding more people. When you find more people to teach, you get the blessing of sharing people this wonderful gospel. And this message truly changes peoples' lives.

Man, I'm so happy being a missionary. I feel so blessed that I can be here at this time. :) And especially to be a missionary in Armenia! This is where the church is still so young, and so we can help them to truly be strengthened in the gospel. SO awesome. 

I only have 6 months left in my mission. It might not seem like it's that short, but I've come to realize that the time flies SO fast. I hope that I can try and make the most of the rest of my mission. It's been the best thing ever.

Well this week in Yerevan was also really great. We were in Center for about three days. It was cool to be with the Center sisters. They are both such fantastic missionaries--in so many different ways. And both of them are excellent at the language. No joke, they are amazing! :) Who would have thought that one of them was being trained. She didn't seem like a trainee to me.

We went to Vernasajh on Saturday. the big souvenir place in Yerevan. (Don't worry, I didn't go crazy.) It was way fun. I made a mental note of things that could be really cool to buy at the end of my mission.  I got to go because it's Sister J's last transfer.

Quick culture note: Rugs are a big deal here. People use them to decorate their house. They hang them on the walls and they also have them on the floor. They have all sorts of really cool patterns. I attached a picture of some rugs from Vernasajh. :D Also, there's also a picture of a table cloth. (Mom, wouldn't that be a cool tablecloth for Christmastime?)

Well, we'll see you later! SUper excited to watch conference! We get to watch them this coming Saturday and Sundaybecause of the time change. I heard that the first talk was in Thai. SO cool.

Love you all!
Love, Sister Fielding

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