September 29, 2014

Hey so lots to talk about!!

We kicked off the week last Preperation day with a fun soccer activity with our district. I didn't play because my foot still isn't 100% (but it's nearly ALL better now). A couple of the Armenians were freaking out that we were going to still go out and play soccer because it was raining. We just bundled up though, and went. Hah

Oh, and we had a change of plans. I didn't end up going to Gyumri, instead, the Gyumri sisters came here! We had zone conference, and so all of Gyumri, and Alaverdi had to come in anyways. It didn't make very much sense to drive to Gyumri and come back so soon. It would have been a waste of time. Also, they don't have any investigators right now, and we've got a couple. So overall, it just made more sense for them to come here. 

So Sister M. and Sister A. (the Gyumri sisters) are so funny. We had some fun. Sis. A. is like obsessed with chocolate. Whenever she gets crabby over something, you have to evaluate if she's had her chocolate for the day. And usually she hasn't. Haha So, anyways, it was a fun two days. Sister J. LOVED going back to Georgia. It was cool to go back to her old area.

Hey, I had a super embarrassing thing happen yesterday. So we're going to have this fireside for the ward. (For those who don't know, it's an evening where you go and have an activity where you have a spiritual lesson. They're great. I love firesides.) Anyways, so all of us missionaries are organizing this fireside, and I was assigned to do the poster.

So I procrastinated until sunday morning to do it. (My bad.) So I was doing it during companionship study. Well, I went to the church, and hung it up before church. The theme was on the scripture "Charity Never Faileth" from the Book of Mormon. That night, we had a meeting with both of the Elders and with our senior couple to fine tune our fireside plans. Well, the Elder next to me, Elder S. who's Armenian by blood but from Australia, he reached over and spelled out the word charity in Armenian in my planner with a big grin on his face. I stared at it, and then realized that my big red bubble letter word for charity (gutootyoon) was spelt gutootootyoon. He was surprised that I hadn't heard about it, because apparently the WHOLE WARD was talking about it!! ANd then ANOTHER word where it says, "We'll have fun..." was ALSO spelt wrong. It was koorakhank instead of koorakhanank. So yeah, I was mortified. I tried to take it down, but Sister J. and Elder P. didn't let me. Yep, five year old spelling mistakes?? That's me. Whatever. Haha I'm starting to get over it. But I still kind of cringe inside when I think about it. SO embarrassing.

Anyways, being on a mission has been such a growing experience, spiritually. I thought that I knew what the spirit felt like...and then I went on a mission. Something that I've really realized is that you have to make your decisions, really use your brain, and then if you feel like it's not right, then re-evaluate. I don't know if that made sense, but it's a true principle. We need to act and be our own person, and then when God wants you to know something, he'll let you know. 

Also, when you're just doing good things: giving a compliment, serving another person, or talking about true things (such as how God exists and loves us) then we're going to feel that that is true. We'll feel that warmth inside which only comes from the spirit. 

I'm really grateful that I've had the opportunity to be on a mission and realize how the Lord speaks to us through the spirit. I know that God really is there, and that he knows all of our circumstances. He really will be there for us in times of happiness and in times of sorrow. :)

I love you all! 
Love, Sister Fielding

1. The cake that A (one of our members) made for Sister Carlson's birthday. So many colors!

2. Here I am at the last P-Day soccer activity. My hair was wet because it rained on us.

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