Tuesday, October 7, 2014

December 15, 2013

From Mom:

We are just sitting here waiting for you to get on and we caught you!

Dad says that he really misses you but he is thrilled when he hears how great you are doing because your mission is a perfect fit for you. (He does say that to everyone too!)

I woke up with pink eye today and I was bummed cuz i really did want to go to church- so I missed my birthday cupcake that they give on b days :(  Courtney accepted it for me and all the girls said, "hey, you better not eat it!"  and courtney smiled and said, "I cant promise that...."  lol  she's so funny

From Ambi:

Hey Happy birthday by the way!! Love you!!
Oh, and I'll be calling you when it's 8:00 pm on Christmas Eve there at home. I'll be skyping and it'll be for an hour! I'll need to get your skype information. :)
P.S. I sent home three letters that are your Christmas presents. You might not get it for another two weeks or so.

I just got all of your letters, and they were SO great! Haha They made me so happy.
P.S. Don't feel bad that I didn't get your weekly letter. It happens. :)
Love you!! Gotta go!
Sister Fielding

P.S. Armenia money is going to be changing to Russian money. Crazy!

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