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October 19, 2013

hi Ambi,
I saw this on PInterest and I want you to look at it.  I ordered this for you and Tyler for your care package this week.  I hope you get it soon.  It's looks so amazing and I thought it could really prepare both of you.  We're going to use it at home too and get "addicted" to scripture study :)  I'll try to write you a handwritten letter and yes, we got your letters and your Armenian hymnbook. We played the songs and then we knew which ones they were.  It's amazing that you can read that and understand that now...... Crazy.....

Every one is good here. We planted 200 Douglas fir trees today. They were little small trees and the elders came and helped us. they did 70 out of the 200!  It was soooo awesome!  I really like our elders.  We fed them a big lunch and ate out on the deck.  It was a bit chilly but a beautiful sunny October day.  While we were eating, Rod, Dad's salesman showed up to talk to Dad and so I introduced the missionaries to him.  Before I introduced them, I asked the elders if they wanted to "tap" the salesman.  So we rigged it so it would look natural and so Rod got "tapped" today. :)  I like that tapping cuz you just have to be one of the 7 taps.

Courtney invited the German exchange student to church and she said yes but she canceled today.  The elders gave us a German Book of Mormon to give to her.  Dad also had one of his crew guys ask if he could "borrow" a Book of Mormon.  Which really surprised dad. So the elders gave us one for him too. They said that they usually have a trunk full of Book of Mormons but they ran out cuz so many people started passing out Book of Mormons.  They called the 2 sets of missionaries from st Helens and they were all out. They called the rainier missionaries and were able to get 2 book of mormons from them!  That's pretty crazy! I guess Rainier stake is starting to share the gospel!!

I did talk to our dentist about you and Tyler and your missions. She thought it was fantastic and asked a lot of questions about missions.  I figured it was another "tap" as Brittany's mission president said. Remember he said that once people are "tapped" 7 times, they'll listen to missionaries or at least let them in or be nice to them.  

The youth did baptisms on Tuesday.  I was a little disappointed cuz they group in front of us was so huge and they took forever getting out so they cut us down to 5 baptisms each and they did other peoples names in our ward, in front of my names, so I only got about 35 names done total.  the last temple trip I got 130 names done with 13 kids. We had 18 kids this time and I only got 35 baptized.  Whatever...... one of these days I'll get all my names finished- either that or well have to just "share" the names with the temple or give to other wards to do.

Have you guys been able to go to the temple at all?  Have you done any endowments?

I searched everywhere for your contacts- they aren't here.  So I went back to Costco and bought you enough to get you to the end of your mission (which cost $200).  Also, your mission call is safe and sound and I put it in your box of things in Brady's room. 
I'll send your contacts on Monday.  Have you gotten your visa yet?

Well have a GREAT week!  Hit the red "SEE PIN" at the bottom of the page and look at it.  It's cool. I'll have to send you the other things that weren't included in the package.

Love you!

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