Tuesday, October 7, 2014

November 7, 2013

Hey Mom,
That's great that you found my scriptures!! I replaced my scriptures already, and so there's no need to send them. I need a scripture case though. So it would be great if you could send my case down! BUT don't send it to the MTC. I am not going to get it in time. You should just send it to Armenia. My address is on Facebook, but I'll type it out super fast.
Sister Amberlie Fielding
Armenia Yerevan Mission
Vratsakan #5
0051 Yerevan
We leave on Monday for Armenia!! =D We're flying out at 10 am to Chicago, then Vienna, and then to Armenia. We have a 3 hour lay-over in Chicago, and then a twelve hour lay-over in Vienna (which is gonna be LONG). We'll arrive in Armenia at 4:35 am in Yerevan.

Plus, I bought a phone card!!! Which means that I can call from the Salt Lake City airport. I will be calling the home phone at 7 am, pacific time, on Monday. Sorry that it's so early, but that'll be about an hour before we have to board the plane.
I didn't get to see Tyler, but I think it's because I was in class at the time. It sounds like he got here pretty early. :)
Love you!!
Sister Fielding

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