Tuesday, October 7, 2014

January 13, 2014

This week has been SO great! Oh my word. SO many funny stories.
We were teaching this lesson to this old couple. They both have a hard time hearing. The wife in, particular, can't hear a thing! Not to mention that we think she's got dementia or something. So the husband wasn't sitting with us, and so it was just the wife. It was the most hilarious visit of my life! Oh my word.
At one point, we were just making small talk. They have all sorts of calendars on the wall. One of them had a picture of Jesus and the other had a picture of Beyonce. So I made a comment to her saying, "Wow, you have so many calendars. That's a nice picture of Jesus." Just small talk, you know. But she turns to the one with Beyonce and was like, "This picture??" ANd we were like, "Um...no that's Beyonce..." Hahaha We were dying.

Then later, I was giving the closing prayer. And I took her hearing into consideration, and so I'm shouting this prayer. Hahaha It was so hard to not start laughing! But anyway, I closed the prayer by saying, "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." Sister H and I look up, and she's still got her head bowed with her hands together. So we yell, "Amen" again. No response. We yelled it again. Still No response. We are both laughing SO hard because she continued to have her head bowed. So Sister H and I look at each other and then shout, "AMEN!" And then she looks up. Bahaha It was SO funny! Oh my lands.
Then we found out our new goals for the year. We are aligning our goals with the Stake's. We are shooting for 170 baptisms this year. President was so funny. He said, "So when we reach their goal in May..." Haha It was so cute.
Anyways, this week, I had to get my boots repaired because they were coming apart in some places. So there was a day when I was wearing other shoes. Man, it was crazy how much less traction I had! It was so funny. We were leaving a member's house, and I slipped and ended on my back--in full view of her crazy/funny ten-year-old. Nothing was hurt but my pride. Haha That kid just ran up to laugh at me. Haha Little punk.
Oh, one of our investigators just took off for Spain yesterday. SO crazy! She met this guy over skype somewhere. They've been talking for two years, they got engaged, and she's going over there to marry him. Kinda sketchy to me!!
Love you all!!
Sis. F.

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