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October 10, 2013

բարէվ ձէզ իմ ընտանիկը: (Pron. Barev dzez im untanikuh)
This means: Hello my family!! =D

How are you??! I'm am doing SO great!

Conference was SO great. All of us West campus missionaries had to take the 30 minute walk up to main campus for both sessions, and we watched it in the auditorium up there. It was so great! Although it was either freezing or burning up--depending on where you sat. 

I read Anna's letter just now, and I thought that it was so funny that they were pumped to sing "Called to Serve" during conference. Haha When we heard that we were going to sing it, all of the missionaries in the MTC were like, "Seriously? We sing that like 10 times a week!" Haha I thought it was funny.

Well, we hear that we're going to be moving to Main Campus by the end of October. The news is a bit ambiguous but we've heard it from two different teachers, and so it'll most likely happen. The poor Filipino missionaries moved over here about three weeks ago from Main campus, and then they moved back about a week ago. I felt SO bad for them. Hah Ah well. 

By the way, BYU's Vocal point performed for us on Sunday night!! Aah! It was so great! The MTC has a devotional on Sunday night and on Tuesday night. Their group took over the devotional for Sunday night. It was so great because each gave a message and tied it into a song that they were going to sing. It was super cool. 

We are teaching two "investigators" right now. (To those who don't know--investigators are the people who are learning about the gospel.) They're really just two of our teachers acting as investigators that they had when they served their mission. We're teaching a lady named Susannah (pronounced as Soosahnah) and Aram (pronounced as Ahrahm). Our teaching, when we were doing it earlier, was super rough. My companion and I weren't teaching together very well at the time. But when we've gotten closer as a companionship, we've taught better and by the spirit. It's crazy how important it is to have a good relationship with your companion! 

Speaking of which, Sister Lyon and I have never been closer. We've gotten to the point where we really do love each other. It is SO wonderful. I think that we've been so lucky to have each other, because many other companionships have a hard time getting along. To tell you the truth, it took a little bit to get used to each other, but now we both understand each other, and we have a really great relationship. Hence, there is nothing keeping the spirit of the Lord from being with us, in that regard.

Man, so many people say the MTC is like a prison, but I really don't think so! I LOVE the MTC. It's hard at first, because you have to get used to other people and to your surroundings, but then you really start loving the people around you. So many people have sacrificed for us to have this training center--either through tithing money or through the people who work here. 

I love the atmosphere here, the missionaries, and all of my teachers. Oh, by the way, we got a new teacher this week. Her name is Sister Boyle, and she is AWESOME! She came in because Brother Carlson is taking pre-requisites to go to law school. (He is so awesome too! He's fluent in Armenian and Russian, and wants to work for the Russian state--how cool is that??) Anyways, we all love Sister Boyle so much! She is super funny, spiritual, and knowledgable about the language. We all liked her right off the bat. :) At least, I did.

It's so amazing to be here at the MTC. The spirit of the Lord really is here. The more that I have the spirit with me, the more that I can speak faster. It's REALLY crazy actually. Last night, I had a really spiritual prayer, and this morning, when I was praying, I was hardly praying in English. That has been the most evident sign of the gift of tongues (the gift to be able to speak other languages) so far. It was an amazing experience. 

Well, I just want to close by saying that the Lord knows you. He knows your trials and everything that is happening in your life. I know that if you pray, tonight or anytime, the.S. n he will hear your prayers and answer them. I want all of you who are reading this, I want you to know that I love the Lord. I love him, and I know that he loves each of you so dearly.

I love you!! Love, Sister Fielding

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