Tuesday, October 7, 2014

February 2, 2014

So much try to write about!!
So this week is TRANSFERS!!! Aaahhh!!! Intense. I've been here in Artashat for three months, and I could very well be here for the next three. I have no idea where I'm going. We'll find out tomorrow!
H didn't meet his baptismal date for yesterday, but that's okay. He has been delving into deep doctrine, and so we felt like he wasn't quite ready. He agreed with us that he needed more time. We know that he will, for sure, be baptized though!

Yesterday, I had such an enlightening day. It was so great because I studied about fasting. When thinking about fasting, I realized that a lot of people fast for things that they need, or they just think about how hungry they are. But yesterday, I was thinking about that one talk (can't remember which one) which talks about how when we pray, we don't just pray when we really need something. We pray about everything--things we're grateful for, guidance, and also for special blessings. As I was studying, I read Alma 45:1 where it talks about the people and how they were so grateful that they fasted and prayed. So I realized that fasting is so much bigger than we think! We don't just fast for special blessings; we fast for gratitude, and for guidance! It was so enlightening, because I realized that fasting was almost like a day-long prayer to my Heavenly Father. Thus, making the fasting experience so much more meaningful. It was really so great. =)
Plus, all the snow is melting and it's been raining so it's been unbelievably muddy and wet here.So sometime this past week, I was walking down the sidewalk. There was some snow and wet leaves, but it was all good. We were avoiding the deep mud on the road. Anyways, I step onto the wet leaves, and I suddenly slip and end up on my back! Hah Don't worry nothing was hurt. I DID get mud all down my skirt and a little bit on my coat. Yep, I had the mortifying experience of walking all the way back through town with mud all over me. Hah Yep. It's cool.
Plus, it was so cool because there were SO many people at church yesterday! Blew my mind! There seriously were like 80 people there when there's normally 40. 

One of our new converts surprised us by showing us these puppies! They were SO cute! This random dog just had puppies in this abandoned house. In this picture, they're like a day old. It was funny, because when I saw them, I went right into puppy mode to try to help the puppies get taken care of. Hah kinda funny. They were so tiny!

Love you all!!
Sis. F

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