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September 16, 2013

Hey Mom!!!!

I am such a terrible daughter because I haven't written until now. I feel like I just run around from place to place. :) So sorry! I got your greenie package, and your letter. That letter made me laugh. I loved it! I got it the same day that you sent it, so that was great. 

Okay, so now for your questions!

The language learning is CRAZY! We taught an "investigator" in Armenian on Friday, and then on Saturday. We were reading off our little cheat sheet. Whenever he asked a question, we didn't know how to respond and so we would get super flustered and go on, or I would try to explain, accidentally speak something in Russian, and then go on. Haha I know that I said "Da"(yes) a ton of times, tri (three) and zavtra (tomorrow). It was so embarrassing! The investigator told my teachers that "one of the sisters studied Russian because she kept saying 'Da' instead of 'ayo'. Haha It's all good though. Well, I already know how to pray in Armenian, teach bits and pieces of the discussions and bear my testimony in Armenian. It's really crazy that we've learned so much so fast. The teachers keep telling us that they're super excited because we seem to be picking up the language a lot faster than the previous groups. The Lord really has blessed us! 

By the way Brett, no, we haven't really had gas. Haha Jeez. Oh! By the way, I'm on the MTC West campus. It is SO nice! We all live in our own apartments--they're not really dorms. It is SO nice because they have tons of storage, a kitchen, and other things. They were built originally as BYU housing, and they were only built a little bit ago. 

Oh, I have some EXCITING news for you!! My companion, Sister Lyon, and I sat next to a group of elders during lunch or dinner. Naturally, we started talking, and I found out that they were going to the ARGENTINA ROSARIO mission!!!! Which means...TYLER is going to be over here on West campus too!!! So we are definitely going to see each other all the time here on West campus for his first week. Also, his housing for the MTC is just two buildings down from mine. I know that, because they have a giant Argentine flag hanging over the balcony. So EXCITING! I am so happy, because that means that I really will see Ty-man before both of us are going to opposite sides of the world. :) It totally made my day when I found that out, and those Elders are super nice.

So, I have three other people in my district. There's my companion, Sister Lyon, who is from Eagle Mountain, Utah. She is the oldest of four, and HER younger brother is here in Provo too! He's going to the Phillipines, and he's Tagalog speaking. So much fun! She's pretty cool. She says that she's a "true blue aggies fan" and so we banter back and forth all the time. I defend BYU and she defends Utah State. Hah

Then there are two elders in our district. Elder Powell is from Wales, which is super cool! He's going to Armenia with us too. He makes fun of us "Americans" and our accents but it's okay, because we make fun of his accent and of half the things he says. So it's pretty fun. :)

The other Elder is Elder Tyler who is going to the California Arcadia mission, Armenian speaking. He is super excited. He has an Uncle who married into the family, who is Armenian. So it was super crazy for him to get called to an Armenian speaking mission. By the way, I am the OLDEST person in the group. Elder Powell's eighteen, Elder Tyler's nineteen, Sister Lyon's twenty, and I'm twenty-one. Sometimes I feel old--especially when the elders are goofing off. 

We have SUCH a culturally diverse zone. It's crazy! We have every country from the UK--Scotland, Irish, Wales, and England. Then we have around four French Elders and Sisters, a New Zealand sister, a Finnish sister, a Norway elder, and then last night we just got a new sister move in who's from Mozambique. There are also a TON of people who came from Utah, but I guess that that isn't that much of a surprise. Hah

I live with five other sisters. There's my companion, two sisters going to Latvia on their mission who are Sister Mitton (whose house is seriously across the street from the Provo temple haha) and Sister Green--her birthday is today (they are the sweetest girls ever!), then there's Sister Anderson--the sister who is from New Zealand (she seriously is my favorite; she is super outgoing and excited and she has made me laugh so hard SOOOO much. LOVE her.) and then there's Sister Guilamba who just got in from Mozambique. 

Sister Guilamba is super soft-spoken but you can just see that she has such love in her heart. She is super cute and so happy to be here. By the way, she knows SIX languages!! She speaks French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and then two different African languages that I don't remember how to say. Now she's learning Malagaski (the Madagascar language) and so she'll be here for five weeks. It's interesting because she was supposed to come out here in August, but she was delayed and so she "started" her mission down in Mozambique. She was set apart as a missionary down there, and so she was with the Sister Missionaries down there. She taught a bunch of people, and now there's a sister who will be getting baptized down there on Friday. She is so sad because she missed her baptism by about two days.

Well I'm about to run out of time. I just gotta say that I am so grateful for any prayers that come my way, because this week has been a rollercoaster. It has NOT been easy to learn Armenian. The MTC has been SUPER hard but SUPER good at the same time. I could hardly believe it when we  found out that we were going to be teaching a my lesson just two days after getting here. But...whenever I'm super stressed out/discouraged because of this or that, I always remember my father's blessing which said to "soak up the spirit of the MTC". It has been such a great experience here. I have finally gotten used to having full days of non-stop studying and running from place to place. I feel like I have already been here for three weeks or something.

Okay, well I love you!! Keep praying for me and my companion!! By the way, I forgot my camera at home and so I can't post pictures today, but I promise that I will try to remember to bring it for my next preperation day. =D Sorry! Don't worry, you'll see them all soon! \

Love, Sister Fielding.

P.S. Brett, I flew on a B737 plane. Haha Thought you'd like to know. 

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