Tuesday, October 7, 2014

September 26, 2013

Barev (բարեվ) Mom and Dad!

We don't get our travel/visa information until the week before we have to leave. So I won't have a clue for another six weeks. So there's nothing that you can really do. So there's no use worrying about it. ;)

Oh, I'm so happy to hear about Brady and Christa!! Yay!! That is so adorable. I can't wait to see my year old nephew in 2015. ;) Send my love to them!

Yeah, my Ecco shoes came in, the cookies were great! I was especially excited about the FLAG! =D It was so awesome. I don't know where to put it though. I might just put it up in my room. I can't put it on the building like the Argentine elders, because there are a ton of different countries that the sisters in our building are going to. It would be a  little wierd. But it would be SWEET to put it up in our room. 

I don't know if we are able to listen to music in the mission field. We might, but I don't know. I do know that we're not allowed to listen to ANY music here in the MTC. Hey

By the way, it's great that Dad is so busy. More money to send me, right?? Just kidding. 

Hey, I bought a new set of scriptures for a good price at the bookstore, and so you don't have to send me my old ones anymore. =) 

By the way, I wrote a letter to the family earlier today, and so you should be getting that soon! =) 

Sorry that this is such an anticlimactic letter. Haha I will try to do better later! Oh! I have pictures!! It's only letting me send a few at a time. So, I'm going to be sending a bunch of e-mails. Here they are!!

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