Tuesday, October 7, 2014

March 10, 2014

Hello family and friends!!

It is a great day! I feel so happy and so good! I am just loving life right now.

We have been busy, and it has felt so good!!

We are super excited about N!! (One of our investigators.) She is FINALLY going to be baptized!! If she's not going to be baptized, then she'll be baptized next week (if everything goes as planned). We are so happy because we were able to go with her to get her marriage license with her husband! And she came ON TIME to church and stayed THE WHOLE TIME!! Woohoo!! Not only that, but her sister-in-law (an in-active member) came with her. AND our investigator's Mom came to church too! Chances are looking good that we'll be able to start teaching her.

PLUS, Narine's mom and Nune came to the Woman's day activity. Things are just looking up with that family. The ward has been surprised that they actually have a marriage license now, and that N is going to be baptized. N has been taught by the missionaries for a long time and so I think that the ward kind of lost a bit of faith in her. But NOW she's getting BAPTIZED!!!! YAYYYY! We are so happy.

And one of our member's MOM wants to be baptized!! She seriously has soaked up everything like a sponge! She was the first to meet with missionaries (my second cousin--Sister Tolman--to be exact). She just didn't ever get baptized. (She had bad eyes and so she couldn't read the Book of Mormon, but now she has glasses!!) What's cool is that because she met with the missionaries, she encouraged her daughter and son-in-law and all their kids to go to church. Her daughter and her whole family were baptized. And NOW she's getting baptized!! Yay!  It's so exciting! She asked us, "So, how many weeks do I have to come to church before I can be baptized??" We said that it was five. So she said, "So when can I be baptized?" And we said "April 12th!" Which was quickly changed to April 15th because it's her daughter's birthday. So she said, "Okay! Great!" We are so happy.

Really cool story, by the way. So we were walking here to our internet place, and we say this lady on the street. And so we said hello. Then it was crazy because the spirit just filled me up. We continued to talk to her for a little bit and then we went on our way. As we were walking away, I turned to Sister T and said, "Wow, I felt so good talking to her. The spirit just filled me up. I feel like she has a lot of potential." Sister T said, "I felt the same way." We paused and then Sister T said, "I think we should go back." I said, "I think we should too." So we went back to where we saw her last and got her number. She was happy to see us again and gladly gave us her number. She says that she lives in a faraway gyoo but we don't think that's a problem. That was such a powerful street contact! I haven't had one like that before. She has so much potential to be baptized someday. =D

Also, really crazy story. I felt like we were so protected this week by the Lord. There's this group of kids who are just bad news. They are around 10-11-ish age, and they're boys and girls. Last time that we saw them was probably 2 or so weeks ago. The first time that we ran into them, they were making fun of our Armenian and then they would toss rocks at us--mainly to try to scare us. It wasn't a big deal, and they were just being naughty kids.

Well we were walking to Vostan to go to an appointment, and up ahead we saw the kids! So we sharply turned to go another way, but we still saw them up ahead--waiting for us. Only this time, they were gathering BIG rocks. I would say about 4 inches long, two inches wide, and about an inch thick. They were only gathering them for one reason--to throw them at us. Um...scary!! So we were trying to think fast on what to do in this situation. Just then, these two ladies started walking by--both of them Armenian. One was probably in her 50's and the other in her 30's. Sister T said, "Let's stick with them! Those kids won't throw anything if we're with Armenians." So we quickly got a few feet behind them.

I felt like we had angels walking beside us, because I felt their strength and protection as we walked past those kids. Those kids tried to engage us in conversation again as we walked past (so that they could pull us away from the Armenians) but we held strong and kept walking. Because the Lord sent those Armenians, we were able to be protected from danger. The spirit confirmed to me, when we safely made it to Vostan, that we had just been protected. The Lord truly protects us. Phew. What a relief that we have the Lord on our side. =D

Well, life is so good in Artashat! So grateful we have the special blessing of being a missionary! Yay!
By the way, we finished our crazy word competition this week!! Man! I don't know how but I had 318 words when I was only supposed to learn 280, and so I ended up learning 294. Well...go me! Haha

By the way, family--who's idea was the glitter all over your letters??!!!? (I blame Brittany. Haha) Good thing we have a vacuum!

Love you all!!
Sister Fielding
P.S. WOOOHOOO Tyler!! You're going to Argentina!! YOu ROCK!!

1. "Why did the turkey cross the road??" Haha There were these random turkeys on the side of the road. SO I was like, "Let's take a picture!!!" Hah
2. These are ALL my flashcards for all the words that I CONQUERED!!

1. Me in Yerevan with some famous star's statues from the 60's or something.
2. Look! The house with the green truck in front of it is my first investigator's house. Hah Crazy!
3. Me at the ruins of an ancient city.

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