Tuesday, October 7, 2014

January 27, 2014

This week has FLOWN! SO busy!
Last Monday, we had a district activity where we went up to Yerevan. It was SO fun! We went to this big Armenian church called Grigor L'sovorich. It's SO pretty. We had to take off our name tags and everything before we went in there though to be respectful and everything. I have lots more pictures, but I'll be sharing those when I get home.
Afterwards, we went to this really nice restaurant called pandok. SO yummy. I didn't realize that my dish had garlic in it until later though. It was SO funny. We were in the taxi after everything and our taxi driver said, "I smell...garlic." Haha At first I was like, "Wait, what?" And then I realized that it was coming from me! Hah Gotta love garlic breath. So grose. Haha
After we left pandok, we went to this really cool art museum. It's called the cascades. You go up these escalators and there were all sorts of glass-work/sculptures. SO cool. Below is a picture of a lion made out of tires! SO cool.
At the very top of the museum there was all sorts of "lights" types of art. There was this room full of all sorts of crystals hanging from the ceiling. SO cool. And so pretty! I've got a picture of that too.
Later on during the week, we had Sister splits!! (LOVE those things.) For our mission, we have them every six weeks. What they are is one sister from each companionship gets to go to another area to learn from another sister. This was the first time that I got to go somewhere!
I got to to go Malatia with Sis. N. It was SO great! I don't know why, but I'd had this image of Malatia being a place with super mean people and crazy members. I don't know, that was my impression. But when I went there, it really was such a great place. Sis. N and I went and taught the first lesson about Joseph Smith, and it was super great. The spirit was so strong, and the investigator was really interested.
Then later we went to a recent converts house. They were so sweet! It was a mom with her three teenage daughters and son. The mom was a bit distracted though. I guess that the Elders had had an investigator that they knew was interested in that mom. Then later, he just dropped off the face of the earth. So Sis. N tried to see what was going on. Anyways, this recent convert (she's a super open person) told us the whole story. It was like an intense drama story. Haha Roughly, he started investigating the church, he met her and liked her. Then he started to start staying close to the church because of her. When their relationship went south, he stopped meeting with the Elders. Sounded messy. It was intense to hear. Hah
We met up with H again this week. He was a bit offended by what we had read from Malachi about "trying God" to see if he will bless us. He put it along the lines of tempting God. It was intense. We brought a senior missionary couple again which helped us a TON. Man, I LOVE senior missionary couples.
Love, SIs F

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