Tuesday, October 7, 2014

February 17, 2014

Oh my word. I LOVE Sister T. She is the BEST. Seriously. I struck gold by being put with her. I love this companionship so much. We almost have too much fun together

We've been teaching more and more people lately. It's been great! Two of our old investigators, M and A, came back from a village that they were visiting. It was crazy because we were walking down the street, and we were about to pass these two girls. Suddenly, one of them is like, "Hey!!!" (Not really 'hey' per se, but I can't remember exactly what she said in Armenian--same type of idea. And I was all like, "Huh??" And then I looked closer and it was A! So we found out they were back. We scheduled a return appointment with her. 
We met up with them again, but we didn't have very much of a lesson. A friend of theirs was there, and when she found out that we were "Mormons" she was saying stuff like, "Oh, I heard that Mormons are bad." So were like, "Well, what do you mean?? What have you heard." But she didn't say. So we really didn't get much of anything in. But it's okay, we came another day and taught an overview about Joseph Smith and everything.

It's crazy what types of stuff they say about us here. There was this one girl that asked if we really did witchcraft stuff. (Which of course is ridiculous.) Then there are other people who seriously think that we murder people. It's ridiculous. But our rumors aren't as bad as the ones that people spread about the Jehovah Witnesses.

Then with B, (a member's husband), we met with him for the second time, and the lesson was completely different from his first! It was SO GOOD! He was about to start off with all this type of stuff to kind of test us and "bible bash" to an extent. But everything changed when I said, "Sorry, but can we start with a prayer??" And his whole countenance changed. He said, "Of course!! Let's pray." So we prayed. It set the tone to really teach. Next, we said that we wanted to watch a movie with them. He got excited about that, and he started getting the TV and everything ready for it. So we watched it, and you could tell that it really had such an impact. SUCH a miracle!! When we were finished with the movie, he said, "Wow, Joseph Smith was just like me! I have wondered why there were really so many churches too!" So golden. He was SO much more receptable to what we had to say. It was wonderful. =) We were so happy! The spirit was just so strong in that house. He was excited for when we could visit with him again. Plus, we're seeing him again tonight!

In regards to H, he has been dodging us lately. We don't really know why. The Elders are trying to help us to by trying to get in. He has been taught everything. He's read the entire Book of Mormon. He's come to church around 8-9 times. By all accounts, he could be baptized. But now, it's like he's lost all interest. It's intense.

But there was also a really exciting thing that happened! Sister H and I had had a street contact a while back. She just told us that she would call us back when it was comfortable. Usually that means that they're not interested but they're just being polite. But then she actually called us over!! She lives in a village halfway between here and Yerevan. She was super sweet, and her 15 year old was there too. They served us all sorts of fruit. They tried to give us Earl Grey tea, but then Sister T explained the Word of Wisdom super clearly. So that wasn't a problem. But then we went into the first lesson about Joseph Smith. They were very accepting! They were really excited for when we could come back again. So excited to teach their family!

So this week has been a combination of set-backs, meeting more people, and teaching former/current investigators. It's been a busy week! It's been good though. =)

I'm excited to go on splits tomorrow with Sister W! She's one of the Sister training leaders. It's going to be so great! I feel like I'm gonna learn a lot!
By the way, last P-Day, I got into one of my cooking kicks and made teriyaki chicken! It was from a slow-cooker recipe book. It was crazy because I left it to cook, and it COMPLETELY boiled over. I came back and there was a soy sauce lake on the stove. Haha It cleaned up really easily though. And MAN that chicken was straight from a teriyaki restaurant. SO good! I have a before and after picture. 
Then the other picture is me in Artashat. We walk down that street every day. =)

Love you lots
Sister Fielding

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