Tuesday, October 7, 2014

December 15, 2013

We taught H, our new investigator, three more times this week. We taught him about the Tripod, Plan of Salvation, and about Prayer. He has a bunch of concerns about the Word of Wisdom, and about other conflicting beliefs with the Armenian Apostolic church. The lesson on prayer though was SO good, because we took one of our members with us. She was GREAT! She helped teach him about a lot of his concerns, and bore a powerful testimony on prayer. Plus, she already knows the family! Hah It was super great. He didn't come to church this sunday though because he had to go to Yerevan for work or something. He had a really good experience last time though, and so we are confident that he's going to come back.

For one of our other investigators, we found out some troubling news. I guess that she is super poor, and one of our members had told her that she should join the church so that she could get money. Soo....yeah. We have to be really careful that she's not just joining the church to get money. We haven't been able to meet with her since that first meeting nearly 3-4 weeks ago. Both our member and our investigator don't have phones, and so we can only plan at church. Sometimes even when we plan up with I (the member), M--our investigator isn't there when we get there. Such a bummer, but we're trying!!

We met a new family this past week who were SUPER cute. It was only a contact, but I'm super excited. We might just start teaching them later.

We met with a member and her husband twice this week. The first time was super sad. We came in and H (the husband) was laying down because his heart was beating super fast. I. (the member) was crying, and so we tried to make her feel better. Plus, their building's power went out and so it was super cold in there. We gave them some no-bake cookies as a gift. Then the second meeting was a completely different experience. They were both happy and cheerful. We taught about how miracles are happening even today. They committed to reading the Book of Mormon together that day. I just love them! They are so great.

Sorry that this letter is so brief. I have like NO time.
THis is a picture with our Christmas tree though!!
Plus, it has snowed a ton here, and we all look like little eskimos. Haha
Love you all!

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