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December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!
So this week has been crazy!
A bunch of people have been leaving town for the month to spend the month with family, and then return just before New Year's. It's crazy! I don't even know what they're going to do, because their Christmas isn't until January 6th. But a ton of people do that--either going to Russia, or to other parts of Armenia.
We also had an AWESOME Thanksgiving. Every missionary companionship brought something. We brought this amazing fruit salad (it was seriously the best fruit salad I've ever had). But yeah, we had the whole traditional feast! We had turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, stuffing, and everything else. It was also super great because we were able to get together with the two southern zones, and our mission president. It was so fun!
Also, one of our new investigators just committed to baptism! Yay! It was super exciting! The lesson itself was crazy, but we were able to pull it together at the end.
I say that it was crazy because we had brought over two members with us, and they were constantly interrupting us and talking about random things in the gospel. We had to try super hard to take over the lesson again. Then there were other parts where they were talking to each other, answering their phones, and other things. Then when we were talking about the first vision, one of them gets up, has our investigator write something down for them really fast, and then sits down. We were both thinking, "Okay, this is getting ridiculous."
It was a crazy lesson. You just gotta love Armenians though. Hah Well, it all turned out okay, because we were able to bring the spirit really in, and she was really accepting with everything that we were saying. At the end, we asked her if she wanted to baptized, and she said yes!! So she's going to be baptized in the coming weeks. =D
Well I love you all! I just wanted to end with testifying that it is so important to work hard in everything that you do, and remember that the Lord is always there. Remember that the Savior understands everything
 that you're going through. He loves you. Remember that "God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son." =)
Love you!! I love hearing from you!!
Sister Fielding
P.S. They don't have any cookies and cream candy bars here. If any of you would like to send those, I would be SOOO happy. ;)
Love you!

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