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September 24, 2013 From Mom

Hi Amberlie,
I was just wondering if you have heard anything about your visa yet?  I'm getting a little nervous but I know you still have 7 weeks to go.  I have been working on Tyler's and then I get a panic attack over your's and it's status...... so, yes, I'm still being a worry wort momma.

Did I tell you that Brady and Christa are having a Boy?  They are so thrilled. Christa went out and bought a little "onesie" that looks like a football.  They can't wait.  She's especially excited because her sister in law, Britta is having a boy 3 weeks before Christa (you probably know that ..... It seems like you've been gone so long but really it's only been a couple of weeks).

Tyler and Kayla went to the temple again this morning and they did baptisms.  Tyler baptized and confirmed kayla.  Kayla said there was one particular name that she felt like the deceased lady said "Thank you".  then when Kayla was confirmed for that same lady, she felt it again!  I keep having promptings and finding people .  I always think it's interesting how people have linked up the generations- for example, I don't think an aunt or a grandpa or a brother realized that they were actually 'helping" with geneology and temple work 200 years ago when they moved in with their niece or their granddaughter or their sister.  But because there are "clues" and ways to verify who is who because of one name, it brings a whole entire family into the system and gets them temple ready.  

Did you get your Ecco shoes?  You should have gotten 2 pairs.

What about music?  How can you listen to music in Armenia?  Anna just sent out a cry for music and she can listen to anything LDS so do you know the rules and what device you can use?

Dad is working his bum off.  He's had huge emergency jobs this weeks because the weather has decided to monsoon and downpour- which is great for business.  He has bought another stump grinder and is working 3 crews- even on the weekends.  His 4th truck is still in the repair shop so he's really frustrated.  I wish he wouldn't get so frustrated- he's the service provider that people need but he tries to please the public so much that it stresses him out.  Just like ladies have to wait in the doctors office, he should know that people need him and they have to wait or pay extra somewhere else.  I finally convinced Dad to raise his prices and so he told Rod and Steph to charge more and the calendar is so stuffed and full, he can't keep up with it.

I am paying all the bills today and Brighton has done a great job as Dad's assistant. I guess it really is turning into a family business. lol.

yesterday I was coming out of Fred Meyer and the Wheelers pulled into the parking lot. Josh and Cam jumped out and ran over to me and grabbed the groceries out of my hands and quickly unloaded my cart.  It was so surprising and fast and unexpected and wonderful.  I just love the Wheelers so much!

Well, I just wanted to say hi. Did you get your chocolate chip cookies and if so, were they good and fresh?

Take care Ambi and answer all my questions, especially about the shoes and the music


Love Mom and Dad

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