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February 10, 2014

Hello family!! 

So this week has been an eventful one!!! Guess WHAT? I'm still in Artashat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooo!!! I'm here for the next three months! So great. =D Plus, I have the BEST companion. Sister Ten. came down from Vanadzor! We're actually friends on facebook. So you can see who she is!!!!!!!!! She's half Armenian and half Ecuadorian, but she was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. SO COOL! She is wild and fun, and so great. I can definitely see her Armenian roots in her. Haha Her dad though is from Syria. SO crazy! The funny thing is that we met over Facebook before she went into the MTC. We were both freaking out together over facebook chat about going to Armenia. Then, after she left, I followed her blog when she took off. SO funny.

Anyways, so we've been getting Sister Ten. all used to Artashat lately. She LOVES the people here already, and she says that Artashat is way different from Vanadzor. (Artashat is cooler, of course! Haha)

There was so much anticipation leading up to transfers. Man, we were trying SO hard to not think about it. But it was killing us not knowing. We went and visited our bishop and his family on Tuesday night. When we were leaving, the phone went off with President's special ringtone. Man, intense! We found out that Sis. H was going to Ajopniak in Yerevan, which means that she became a sister training leader. This is her last transfer, and she's leaving earlier so that she can go back to BYU this semester. So she was put in a trio with Sis. W. and Sis. K. 

This week overall has just been filled with people packing and unpacking, seeing tons of members--saying goodbye to Sis H and then introducing Sis. Ten. It's been good.

Last Monday, we went to Khor Virap, which is a church where the founder of the Armenian Apostolic church lived in for 13 years. He was exiled there by the king. The place  was super pretty. Sorry, the computer is being difficult or else I would send pictures of the actual church.

Funny story, by the way, we went to this member's house over in Vostan village, and the mom answered the door. Anyways, they live in this TINY place. It's probably about 10 feet long and 5 feet wide. Well, with it being that small, both of the beds take up most of the space. Well. there was like this lump in the bed, and I was looking at it. And I was like, "What is that?" And, without thinking about it, I just go over and just poke it! Anyways, S, the Mom's 16 year-old pops up from under the blankets! Haha I felt so bad. 

Anyways, gotta go! Love ya!
Sister Fielding

1. Mount Ararat!

2. This is me about to go into the pit that Grigor L'Sovorich was in for 13 years. (Grigor L'Sovorich was the founder of the Armenian Apostolic church.) It took me FOREVER to actually get on the ladder. Heights are just not my forte

I was going to send this last week, but I timed out and so I didn't get the chance to send it. So here's another lesson from last week. Hah

The stuff between the quotation marks is what I originally wrote.

"My boots have officially died. On the hunt for other boots!
You can kinda see Mount Ararat in the background here. plus there's me in Artashat!"

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