Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 17, 2013

Hello Mother!! 

This is just a short little e-mail, but I need to talk about miscellaneous things. 

So during my entire stay here at the MTC, I haven't received a handwritten letter. I would LOVE to get letters!! Also, I love your packages (they're super fun) but we have TONS of food in our apartment. Hah No joke! One sister is from here in Provo, and she receives a package--with tons of food--nearly every day (sometimes multiple packages a day) and my companion always gets a huge package on Fridays. I really do love the packages. They make me feel loved. :) However, we're going to have to toss a lot of food either when we move to main campus, or when we all start leaving for all of our missions. So it would be good if we slowed down the food intake a bit. Hah You know? Can I say again that I would love letters?! Haha Just thought I'd get the message across. =D

By the way, have you gotten any of the letters I sent home?? You haven't mentioned them, and so I don't know if you received them or not. I've sent two letters home, and one letter to Tyler. You should ask Tyler if he received my letter. 

Plus, I realized that I left my brown paper bag of contacts at home somewhere. I can't remember where. I have a bunch of boxes with me--they'll last me about 4-5 months-ish and so it's not super urgent. However, could you send me the ones that I left at home?

One more thing, I put my mission call, and Patriarchal blessing in my blue folder on the top of the bucket in Brady's room. It doesn't look like it has anything, and so just be aware that those are in there. I don't want something to happen to them! :) 

Send the word out to everyone about the letters!! I love you!! I'll be sending out a mass letter right after this one. 

Love, Sister Fielding

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