Tuesday, October 7, 2014

November 24, 2013

Alo im untaniku! (Hello my family!)
Another great week in Armenia. =D I have so much to write about, it's great! =D
Well, first off, can I just say how funny it is how crazy Armenians are about marriage?? Seriously! Just about every house that we go to, the people ask if we're married. Haha When we say that we're not, then they say something along the lines of, "That's great! Then you can marry our son, right?" Half the time they're in their thirty's or forty's or something. Haha SO we say, "Um... no." To which they say, "Why not?! He's great!!" EVERY HOUSE. I swear. It is hilarious! It's a good thing that we're missionaries, or else we'd be in trouble. However, that doesn't mean that we still don't get proposed to. Nearly every sister missionary has probably been proposed to about three times out here. It is definitely a different world out here. Poor Sis. H. was nearly kissed one time too. Yep, all the old grandma's yelled at him for that. Haha
But it's all good! We've been walking all over Artashat lately. I found out this week that our area has a bunch of villages in it. It's kind of crazy because just about every three neighborhoods is a village. It's crazy to me, because it just all feels like a small town all together, but it's cool.
This week has definitely been different. We would have days when all of our lessons would be super great and awesome. Then on all the other days, all of the lessons would just fall flat! I seriously don't get it sometimes.
In one of our new members house, her boy was seriously super wild. He had a box of small fireworks that he was playing with. They were like little fire crackers. As we were teaching the lesson, he started pushing some of those fireworks into their wood-burning stove, and they started just exploding in there. Um, yeah, Sis. H and I were freaking out. Good thing that stove door was closed or else it could've gotten bad. We left pretty soon after that, especially since he was lighting them IN THE HOUSE. So that lesson didn't exactly go as planned. Haha We were safe though, and we love that family. It just got a little wild...
It's been crazy how many investigators we've been getting lately too. One lady just showed up to church one day with her friend and was super excited to meet with us. Another was a member's husband. Plus, last night, we were walking around the streets of Artashat and we were just getting contact after contact!! It was so great!
One in particular was this funny old man who kept pinching my cheeks and calling me a Russian doll. Haha So funny.

Well this week we're all super excited because we're gonna have Thanksgiving with the two southern Armenia zones. We are SO excited!! We're bringing a fruit salad. It's gonna be so much fun! I can't wait.
Well I just wanna say that I am so happy to be here! It's been crazy to be in this other world. I still don't know what most of the people are saying, but I'm trying to work hard and speak (with my limited vocabulary). =D I am so grateful to be here, and I know that angels are helping us to do this work. I am so grateful for the gospel, and I know that the most important thing we can ever do is bring others to Jesus Christ.
Love you all!!!


  1. From Aunt Tami: Ambi, You are so great!! In response to all the proposals, just ask them how long they are willing to wait and how much money do they make. Just kidding. Sound like you are having a great time and especially having a great opportunity to do the Lord's work. Many blessings to you, Aunt Tami

  2. Amberlie's response to Tami: Haha thanks Tami! Well I'll try and hold 'em off ;) haha Love you so much!! Sister Fielding