Tuesday, October 7, 2014

November 7, 2013 from Mom

Hi Ambi, 

 That's too bad you missed Ty but I'm sure he's doing fine (I hope :)  ).  It will cost a lot of money to send a case so when you get to armenia, maybe you can just pick up some sort of make up bag or something with a zipper for your scriptures.  I'll also make sure you have plenty of money in your St Helens acct so you can pay for luggage, etc. and lunch or whatever you need on your 2 day journey.  I double checked to make sure that the credit union knew you were leaving for europe and Armenia and they said that there was a flag on your name.  So, as long as you don't exceed your weight for luggage, everything should be fine......

Good luck- we will be waiting for the 7 am phone call from you- that'll be cool  Make sure you call us with plenty of time so we have  little bit of time to talk- if you can.  Can you go anywhere or do anything fun in Vienna?  wow- that just seems like you should be able to see the city a little bit and go to lunch somewhere cool......

We can't wait for you to try out your new language and to start sharing the gospel  I'm sure you're going to be very good at it and people will be attracted to your happy, go lucky nature and sweetness.

I sure wish you had your neck pillow but, oh well, take care and we'll pray for your safety and well being.... that's a lonnnnng time to be traveling.  But hopefully you can bounce back quickly and have a great experience.....

We love you Ambi and you have made us so happy and we are very proud of you!

Good luck and happy flying!
Love Mom and Dad and kid

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