Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 31, 2013 Halloween!

Barev Dzez Everyone!! And Bari Haloveen--Happy Halloween! =D

This week has been a crazy one. Our branch has moved to Main Campus, and honestly, it is a whole other world up here. We live in dorms, but they're not too bad. They can hold six sisters to a room, but we have 3-4 sisters in each room. So we feel like we have tons of space. We're next to everything, and so it's really nice. I don't feel like I really live here though. I feel like my "real" apartment and the "real" MTC is at Wyview. Haha However, it's like a breath of fresh air to move somewhere new.
I can't believe that I only have a WEEK and a HALF left!! Holy crow! These 7 and a half weeks have flown by. I feel like my Armenian is coming along. Usually after coming home from class, I speak non-stop Armen-glish. Hah Either that, or I start speaking Armenian to other people. Then, realizing what I'm doing, I hurry and switch to English. Hah
Katrina Tolman (my second cousin) came into the MTC yesterday. I wanted to see her SO BAD but she left for West Campus before I got to see her. =) It's all good though!
Speaking of family coming into the MTC, TYLLLLERRRRR is COMING!!!!! I REALLY hope that I can see him on Wednesday before he takes off for the West Campus!!  It probably won't happen because they just grab their books, check-in, and get on a bus to West campus. I REALLY hope so though. Hah
Anyways, we taught Aram (our teacher, Brother Cook--the teachers pretend to be their old investigators) yesterday. It went SO well!! Brother Cook said that it was the best lesson we'd taught, because the spirit was just so powerful. It was so great! =D We taught about how God is our loving Heavenly Father. We also taught about how the Book of Mormon is God's way of showing his love for us. Man, I love that I'm a missionary!! I get so excited about bringing others to Christ. I love that I can go out there, knowing that I am helping others to feel God's love.  I can't wait to go to Armenia!!
I have so loved the MTC. It has been SUCH a great experience. I love all my roommates, my companion, my teachers, and everyone. But despite the great experience that I've had here, finally gotten the bug. I wanna go to Armenia SO BAD now! I am SO excited to go! I am so excited to get started and start talking to everyone!! =D It's a little intimidating, because they're going to talk so fast and everything. I know that it's going to be SO GREAT though!! =D
Well I love all of you!! Remember that God is always there, and is always listening to you. He will strengthen you in your hard times if you have the faith to do the right thing. :)
I love you all! Have a great week!
Love, Sister Fielding

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